Nashville Riverboat

2010 Proceedings of the Information Systems Education Conference

October 28 to 31, 2010 - Nashville Tennessee

Panel Presentation

Incorporation of Skills and Graduate Characteristics into a Framework for Program Assessment and Accreditation

Bart Longenecker
University of South Alabama

Jeffry Babb
West Texas A&M University

Jeffrey Landry
University of South Alabama

J. Harold Pardue
University of South Alabama

Paul Leidig
Grand Valley State University

Bruce White
Quinnipiac University

This panel will discuss a framework for Assessment and Accreditation of the IS2010 program. This framework is designed to facilitate assessment and accreditation based on the new ACM/AIS IS 2010 curriculum architecture compatible with the ABET model for assessment and with AACSB Assurance of Learning (AoL). In 1981 ACM developed an IS curriculum model. The DPMA developed competing models in 1981 and 1986. The DPMA developed IS’90 and invited former ACM members to participate. During the 90’s the DPMA became convinced industry terminology and focus had shifted and changed its name to the AITP. It co-sponsored IS’95, IS’97 and IS2002. Recently, an ACM/AIS task force developed the new IS2010. The later models, IS’97, 2002 have explicit skills in the curriculum guidelines. In this panel we will ask “should the skill set be updated”? This is necessary if the framework is to facilitate proof of student learning relevant to industry. Characteristics of graduates are addressed in these models as well. The panel will discuss the general mechanisms to support both ABET and AACSB AoL accreditation self studies. The panel will review structures that enable achievement of direct measures using either questions or rubrics. This session will discuss and review: 1. Definition of the framework including outcome and performance criteria, skills, and graduate characteristics. 2. Skills: stability and need for review 3. Attaching of IS2010 to the framework, and development of a university mappings to the framework. Keeping the framework up to date. 4. Utilizing the framework for assessment and accreditation of ABET and AACSB AoL programs

Explain the utility and mechanisms of the framework, Discuss the relationship of assessment to the model curricula Utilize conversion strategies to relate their programs to the framework and national models: IS2010, ABET and/or AoL

Targeted Attendees:
Faculty and administrators associated with information systems programs Curriculum developers responsible for assessment and accreditation. Specialists and those charged with assessment. Faculty who teach the programs of IS

Recommended Citation: Longenecker, B., Babb, J., Landry, J., Pardue, J.H., Leidig, P., White, B. (2010). "Incorporation of Skills and Graduate Characteristics into a Framework for Program Assessment and Accreditation". The Proceedings of the Information Systems Education Conference, v.27 n. 1461, Nashville, TN.