2010 ISECON Proceedings

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Conference Highlights/Program

Award Winning Papers

Best Paper of ISECON Conference

An Active, Reflective Learning Cycle for E-Commerce Classes: Learning about E-commerce by Doing and Teaching
Alan Samuel Abrahams, Virginia Tech
Tirna Singh, TechTeam

Distinguished Papers (top 5%)

Taking it to the Top: A Lesson in Search Engine Optimization
Mark Frydenberg, Bentley University
 John Miko, St. Francis University

The Greening of the Information Systems Curriculum
Patricia Sendall,  Merrimack Collegee
Li-Jen Yu Shannon,  Sam Houston State University
 Alan Peslak, Penn State University
Bruce Saulnier, Quinnipiac University

Using Undergraduate Information Systems Student Epistemic Belief Data in Course Design:
A Research-based Approach to Improve Student Academic Success

Samuel Steven Conn, Kentucky State University
John English, Kentucky State University
Fred Scheffler, Kentucky State University
Simin Hall, Virginia Tech

Distinguished Master/Student Paper Award
More Technology, Less Learning ?
Justin Kulesza
 Gerald DeHondt II
George Nezlek
Grand Valley State University

Meritorious Papers (top 15%)

A ‘Rainmaker’ Process for Developing Internet-based Retail Businesses
Alan Samuel Abrahams, Virginia Tech
Tirna Singh, TechTeam

An Enterprise System and a Business Simulation Provide Many Opportunities for Interdisciplinary Teaching
Jennifer Kreie James Shannon Carlo A. Mora-Monge New Mexico State University

Benefits and Challenges of Using Community-Based Research To Develop an Educational Web Portal
Lara Preiser-Houy, California State Polytechnic University
 Carlos Navarrete, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona

Cloud Computing in the Curricula of Schools of Computer Science and Information Systems
James Lawler, Pace University

Design, The “Straw” Missing From the “Bricks” of IS Curricula
Leslie Waguespack, Bentley University

Distance learning: An empirical study
Mehdi Sagheb-Tehrani, Bemidji State University

Group Assessment of Learning: Test the Class, Not the Students
Teko Jan Ernst Bekkering
 Julia S Kwok
David Kern
Northeastern State University

Teach or No Teach: Is Large System Education Resurging?

Aditya Sharma, North Carolina Central University
Marianne C. Murphy, North Carolina Central University

Online Support Services for Undergraduate Millennial Students
Marie Pullan, Farmingdale State College

What Predicts Student Success in Introductory Data Management Classes?
An Investigation of Demographic, Personality, Computer-Related, and Interaction Variables
Ken Harris
Ranida Boonthanom
Harris Alysa Lambert
Indiana University Southeast